CONA January 2016 Newsletter

January Meeting

When: 7 p.m., January 20,2016
Where: Oakstone Academy
939 S State St., Westerville, Ohio 43081

Topic: U.S. Government Silver Ingots

January Presentation

My name is Ken and I collect U.S. Government Mint and Assay Office silver ingots. I’ve been collecting for almost seven years, I’ve been studying and writing about them for the past four years and since 2013 have been writing on my blog at

Last year, I spoke at a Cincinnati Numismatic Association and the Dayton Coin Club. I love to share my collection and research information and find that people with numismatic interest really enjoy it too. My work has been published in Coin World and Panorama, the magazine of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society. – Ken

November Presentation

John delved into Columbus Civil War tokens with the thoroughness and attention to detail that he usually reserves for VAMs – his bread and butter.

Two private Cincinnati mints struck the tokens for nine Columbus merchants. “The greatest source of variation among the Columbus tokens is the array of reverse dies used. 29 different dies are currently identified in marriages for the city.

With the 11 merchant dies and the 4 compositions along with one edge variant, 63 varieties are listed in the Fuld catalog,” Roberts said.

Central States Numismatic Society has given a $5,000 grant to John and Gerald to produce a book on the city’s Civil
War money. They hope to have the book printed later this year.

By: Gerry Tebben

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