CONA May 2013 Newsletter

May Meeting

When: 7 p.m., May 15,2013
Where: Oakstone Academy
900 Club Dr., Westerville, Ohio 43081

Topic: Connecticut Coppers
Speaker: Bruce

May Presentation

Connecticut Coppers, along with the state coinages of Massachusetts and New Jersey (and the Republic of Vermont), were authorized under the Articles of Con- federation. Minted from 1785 until 1789, they were designed to fill a need for small change in daily trans- actions. These coins comprise a fascinating series of over 350 varieties that may be collected in numerous ways. Counterfeits, painted die varieties, overstrikes, and nicknames such as “Muttonhead” and “Snipe Nose” are all part of the story. – Bruce

April Presentation Recap

Russ talked about error coins and displayed several rarities. “I do have a 1943 copper cent,” he said. “But unfortunately, it’s Canadian.” He cautioned begining collectors to beware of fakes. “A lot of stuff is made in the basement,” he said.
As part of his presentation, he gave everyone a printout showing how coins are made. A blank plan- chet was attached to the handout, giving everyone a first-hand look at the intial step in coinage – upsetting the edge.

Dallas Meeting

Herman Blanton of the Mount Vernon Numismatic Society and editor of the Numismatics International Bulletin, says Numismatics International will hold a three-day seminar June 7-9 at Irving, Texas, on foreign coins, counterfeits and grading. For more information and a registration form go to

By: Gerry Tebben

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