CONA April 2019 Newsletter

April Meeting

When: 7 p.m., April 17, 2019
Oakstone Academy:939 State St. Westerville, Ohio 43081
Topic: Peace dollars
Speaker: John R.

April Presentation

On March 10 or 11, 2015, out of a lark, after seeing a 1921 Peace dollar on eBay going for a rather low price, I decided to bid on it. I always had an admiration for the Peace dollar series, and since I had recently gotten a copy of the 2013 Guide to US Coins: Prices and Value Trends: in part edited by CONA’s own Tony Cass and Gerry Tebben, I decided to go for it. To my surprise, I won it. A few days later it arrived and was much nicer than the photos had indicated. I put it in my rudimentary collection of Peace dollars consisting of two 1923-D dollars acquired by my wife when a lady had cashed in her husband’s silver dollar collection for $1 each.

After a few days, the three dollars looked like a lonely bunch, and looking in the book, it seemed that a great number of Peace dollars were going for what seemed to be ridiculously low prices for the degree of rarity than the mintages indicated, I bought a few more. The snowball began to roll downward. By My birthday, May 13, 2015, I had gotten a complete date and mint set of all the Peace dollars, plus a number of true rarities. – John R.

March Presentation

Steve Petty treated us to a two-part presentation – a revealing Q&A with Marlene C., Marie G., and Mike R., and a report on the Society of Medalists.

The Society, which was active from 1930 to 1995, issued 139 medals that were designed by some of America’s greatest sculptors, including coin designers Laura Gardin Fraser, Herman MacNeil and Anthony de Francisi.

Steve recounted how he came to buy an almost complete set in one transaction.

Heath M., who came up from Dayton, said he chanced upon a herd of silver 1993 dinosaur medals a few years ago that had been placed on eBay by a guy who bought them from a scrap-metal dealer.

Grading Seminar

April 6 was the CONA grading seminar held at the Oakstone Academy with the hosts/grading presented by John Roberts and Tony Cass. We had 14 attendees that had the opportunity to evaluate and assign grades to at least 50 coins.

The session started at 10 a.m. and went until after 2p.m. Everyone was so excited that they are planning for the next seminar.

The first group of 20 US type coins were graded and evaluated by all. We then graded a second group of 20 US coins and evaluated the results with the attendees. Finally, we graded John’s final group of 10 coins, tokens and medals from all over the world. What a fun time and challenge that group was to all of us. – Tony

First CONA Medals Distributed

CONA President Spence S. awarded the first CONA medals at the March meeting. The 1-ounce silver medals are being awarded to speakers and others who contribute significantly to the club.

John R. receives one for his January presentation on ancient coins. Steve Petty, was awarded a medal for his March presentation on the Society of Medalists. Marie G., below, was honored with a medal for her work as the club’s treasurer

Gerry Tebben also received a medal for his February presentation. Rachel W. was not present, but will receive her medal later for her March talk.

By: Gerry Tebben 

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