CONA July 2021 Newsletter

When: 7 p.m., July 21, 2021
Oakstone Academy: 900 State St. Westerville, Ohio 43081
Topic:  Western Reserve centennial
Speaker:  Steve Petty 

July Meeting

The Topic will be the 100th Anniversary of the Western Reserve Numismatic Club (WRNC).

Despite official versions of how the third club on the ANA registry formed in 1938, 1941, 1946 and 1958 Constitutions and bylaws, a two-year effort researching the history of the WRNC found them all to be incorrect. An obscure Dec. 12, 1941 letter from a founding member detailed the origins of the club. My presentation will detail this solved mystery and other interesting facts regarding the history of our sister club to the north.

This history is reflected in a 2-year effort and publication regarding the history of the club just published by Stephen Petty and Gino Sanfilippo.
— Stephen Petty

June Meeting

Seven members gave brief presentations at the second expanded show-and-tell session. Gerry Tebben shared the story of the NCAPR counterstamped sestertius (from appx. 40 A.D.), Geoff G. talked about how he came to have a 10 Nummia Byzantine coin of Constantine IV, Diane H. shared how she came upon a rare $25 scrimshaw ivory poker chip, Dave P. showed his collection of Redfield Morgan dollars, Brad R. talked about why his 1886-S Morgan dollar is one of his favorites,. Dan C. related the story of railroad officer Orlando Smith and the train symbol on his 1881 Morgan dollar and John Roberts presented a counterstamped large cent from Columbus.

August Meeting

The August meeting will, once again, be devoted to the show. There will be no presentation, but there will be an auction, show and tell, 50/50, etc.

Grading Seminar

Eric, John and Tony entertained and educated 13 members last Saturday at our meeting place. Because it was a small group and the only one scheduled for that day, we were given the chance to look at and try our skills at grading 44 certified pieces and three raw fakes. We were offered everything from a Proof 67 to a Poor 1, with many grades in between. Of the 44, I got five exactly as the graders saw them – not bad, not great. I was close on many more.

Our two-hour session became a four-hour session, with some spirited and humorous debates. Remembering the lessons and tips is a plus for our grading skills. There were some many cool and challenging pieces. I hope we can do this again soon. — Dan C.

By: Gerry Tebben

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