CONA March 2019 Newsletter

March Meeting

When: 7 p.m., March 20, 2019
Oakstone Academy: 939 State St. Westerville, Ohio 43081
Topic: Society of Medalists and a Q&A
Speaker: Steve Petty 

March Presentation 

Stephen Petty is going to deliver a two-part presentation. He’ll begin with a brief presentation on the Society of Medalists and seque into a Q &A with several of our members.

From 1930 to 1995 the Society of Medalists issued two medals a year is an effort to encourage sculptors and make their creations available to the public. A total of 129 medals were issued; 135 if one considers the six medals issued with Issue #128. Several coin designers contributed to the series, including Laura Gardin Fraser,winner of the ill-fated Washington quarter design contest; Hermon A. MacNeil, designer of the Standing Liberty quarter; and John Flanagan, whose design actually appears on the Washington quarter

In the second part of his presentation he’ll interview a few of our members about their lives and collecting interests. You all will have to guess who may get interviewed! As you may recall he did something like this at several meetings a few years ago and it was interesting to learn interesting facts regarding our club members.

February Presentation

Despite terrible weather, 32 members ventured out in February to hear Rachael W. presentation on apothecary weights and Gerry Tebben’s presentation on collecting manhole covers.

We’ve all encountered apothecary weights, with their cryptic markings, and wondered what they are. Rachael had the answer.

They were used by druggists compounding medicines. The weight went on one side of a balance beam scale and a powder or such went on the other. Some weights look like coins, others are flat sheets of brass.Two, she said, actually doubled as Civil War tokens.Scale and weight maker John P. Gruber issued an 1863 token that showed a scale on one side and an eagle on the reverse with the legend APOTH. WEIGHT/ ONE DRAM/1863.

The ONE DRAM reverse was also mated with an obverse advertising Warmkessel’s beer hall.

A dram was equal to 3 scruples.

Pharmacists lost their scruples in the 1960s when metric weights replaced apothecary troy weights.

From our ANA Representative 

It almost seems like its getting warmer, it’s light out earlier or later however you look at it. March and April are two busy months . First the National Money show is coming up March 28-29-30. It’s close by, just across the border into Pittsburgh, Pa., The second largest coin show in the country. I plan on being there at least Friday. (Long day trip)

Do not forget about April. More and more dealers and collectors are going to join together for national coin week and put old collectible coins and currency into circulation hoping to get more people into our great hobby. How about joining the fun? I have lots of wheats to put out there in those penny bowls at cash registers and plan on spending some Ike dollars and a few other choice collectible coins. Join the fun, put out some older coins, tip your waitress or waiter with something special, who knows it could bring new members into our club. Make sure you have fun doing it I know I am.

Till next month — Bob ANA Ohio District Rep.

By: Gerry Tebben

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