CONA May 2020 Newsletter

When and Where: at your leisure on your own computer
Topic: Yellow Fever and the U.S. Mint
Presenter: Newman Numismatic Portal

Stay Safe

Every time I go out now, I ask myself, How safe is it? Many of us, because of our age or health, have corona crosshairs on our back. One of my neighbors has died from it, so it’s gotten a bit more real to me.

We won’t be meeting this month and it’s impossible to say when we will be able to get back together in person.

There is a possibility we may be able to meet via computer in June or July. The Cincinnati and Chicago coin clubs have done this. The MPC Fest in Port Clinton was held that way, too. Details to come.

We’re still planning, at least for the moment, on holding a summer picnic, Labor Day show and Christmas banquet. All subject to change. — Gerry

May Virtual Meeting: Yellow Fever and the U.S. Mint

In 1793, just as the U.S. Mint was getting started, Yellow Fever attacked Philadelphia, killing 5,000 people or 10 percent of the population. Dr. Benjamin Rush, who would go on to be the Mint’s treasurer, had the cure – massive amounts of mercury and draining 4/5ths of the blood from the victims. The Newman Numismatic Portal has created an informative video about the Mint and the epidemic. Watch the video: Yellow Fever and the U.S. Mint

Ohio State Coin Show Update

The CONA Board of Directors met last Tuesday, May 12, and have decided to continue planning for this year’s Labor Day Show. Of course, everything is subject to change as we live with Covid-19, but we need to prepare. We continue to work with Embassy Suites Dublin and we will meet again with them in late June to assess things at that time. One option may be to hold a smaller event, based on recommendations and rulings from the State of Ohio guidelines, county and state health departments, and Embassy Suites requirements. The Board will make final decisions regarding OSCS 2020 by mid-July based on information provided by the state, local health departments and the hotel. — Patty (Bourse Chair)

Newsletter By: Gerry Tebben

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