CONA September 2020 Newsletter

When: 7 p.m., September 16, 2020
Oakstone Academy: 900 State St. Westerville, Ohio 43081
Topic:  COVID-19 and 281 BC
Speaker:  Steve Petty and John R.

September Presentation

Two CONA members stepped up to answer a last-minute call for speakers this month. 

A Tale of Three Kings 
Some time in the Year 281 BC, a great battle was fought between two former comrades, Lysimachos, king of Thrace and Macedonia and Seleukos Nikator King over the bulk of Alexander the Great’s Asian conquests. 

History does not tell us where, exactly, in modern Turkey this battle occurred nor even what time of the year, but it pitted two massive armies, both using phalanxes trained under Alexander the Great, and both making use of elephants. In the end, they would face each other in hand to hand combat. One was 80 years old, the other 78. 

Before the year was over, both would be slain. The first at the hand of his former friend, the other assassinated by the oldest son of another of Alexander’s companions, Ptolemy Soter, the Pharaoh of Egypt: Ptolemy Keraunos: in an act of open treachery. 

My presentation will touch upon three coins near the time of this battle; the first immediately before the battle, the second and third shortly thereafter. Each coin has a connection with one of these three men: all of whom had died by the sword. – John R.

Health and Safety
 With many of the concerns regarding COVID-19, I thought it might be helpful as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with many years of testifying on exposure and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to provide some information on concepts that may help you protect yourself. — Steve Petty

Steve’s expertise was put to use in the preparation of our meeting room at Oakstone and the hotel ballroom where we held the show. 

Curiously, a key can be found in Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s memoir, Steve says. 

“The tent or the shelter of a tree is a better hospital than a house, whose wall absorb fetid and poisonous emanations, and then give them back to the atmosphere. To men accustomed to open air, who live on the plainest food, wounds seem to give less pain, and are attended with less danger to life than to ordinary soldiers in barracks.” 

Thus, stay outdoors, or maximize fresh air indoors, to provide the best opportunity to stay healthy. 

This is what we did at the show – insisted all ventilation systems were at maximum fresh air capacity! 

Meeting Details

We’re going to try to make it as safe as possible, but be mindful, the disease is still out there. Today (Sept. 9) there were 286 new cases in Franklin County, 7 hospitalizations and 2 deaths. 

The building has a constant supply of fresh air, with outside vents. 

Location: Oakstone gym, a newer pre-engineereed metal building west of the main building’s entrance. 
Directions: Drive down the entrance road until you get to the front of the main building, and turn right. 
Seating: This is a gym with bleacher seating, so bring you own cushion or lawn chair. 
Snacks: BYO. No drinks or snacks provided 
Masks: Required in Ohio 

What a Show!

 Here’s Patty C. (bourse chair) initial report:
 This Ohio State Coin Show was different from so many others, but the same in so many respects. Almost everyone followed the COVID-19 protocols. When attendees called to ask about whether the show was still going to be held, and if safety measures were being followed, I was able to put their fears at ease. 

 Stephen worked with the hotel maintenance man, Gaga, to open the ventilation system on the roof so that fresh air was circulating at all times. You could feel the difference in all the bourse areas. Another great health benefit. Thank you!

I am writing this on Sunday after the show and I have not had time to figure out any numbers yet. That report will come in October when I have had time to verify everything. I have heard from many of the dealers, however, so I will share some of their comments: 

“Thanks for a great show, you put on one of the best productions around. Thank all your volunteers for me.” And another, “I just want to say you guys put on a wonderful show – terrific job. You have one of the best clubs I’ve ever seen, especially helpful to dealers making us welcome. Keep up the good work. See you next year. I appreciate you all very much. Thanks again.” 

This came as a text to me: “Hi Patty. I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and hard work. I had the best show I’ve had in years. I am really glad that you decided to have the show with all the issues going on. Thanks again and keep up the good work.” 

Quote from Lexa: “The dealers said the Green Hats were so respectful and attentive and again one of the greatest shows because of that.” 

Our sales representative, Samantha, from Embassy Suites was wonderful to work with and every staff member, from the manager on down, was incredibly helpful. There were a few glitches but we were all learning from this “Covid-19 experiment”. We have paid the down payment for the 2021 show at Embassy Suites Dublin. 

Wonderful job once again CONA Members! You are the heart and soul of the show. – Patty C. (Bourse Chair)

By: Gerry Tebben

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