CONA September 2021 Newsletter

When: 7 p.m., September 15, 2021
Oakstone Academy: 900 State St. Westerville, Ohio 43081
Topic:  Coins on TV
Speaker:  Gerald Tebben 

September Meeting

Lost coins, stolen coins, counterfeit coins – they all turn up on television, grist for murder, mayhem and comic misunderstandings.

Coins make for great drama. They’re ubiquitous, hideable, portable, liquid and potentially valuable. A plot can twist on a tiny bit of easily lost, easily hidden metal no bigger than a fingernail.

Collectors notice coins on television, and everyone has a favorite story from Sheriff Andy Taylor’s famous backwards buffalo to Hawaii Five-0’s $100,000 nickel. — Gerry


Once again, I am completely amazed at the work that you do to make the Ohio State Coin Show a success. Some of the dealer comments were “this is the best organized show we do all year,” “we do a lot of shows and this is by far the one where we are the best taken care of,” and “the Green Hats are waiting at the door to welcome us in and ready to help us pack up.”

There were many others as well but those came to mind first. On Thursday, 25 of you signed in to work and 3 more attended. On Friday, there were 30 workers and 4 more attendees. Saturday 27 of you worked and 2 more attended. That is wonderful participation. The raffle ticket sales were supported by 49 CONA members – Thank You! We welcomed approximately 380 public guests – 250 on Friday and 130 on Saturday. That is all the numbers that I have ready so far.

I would like to give a special thank you to Dan C., my incredible co-chair and right brain, Steve R. who was everywhere all the time, Geoff G. who worked long and hard on the raffle, Jim B. and Loren R. who welcomed the dealers and Early Birds, Harold S. who lived at the Registration Table, Bruce S. for remembering our deceased members, and Bruce N. who took over the chairmanship of the Treasure Hunt. A special thank you to Diane H. for her work with the kids. We could not have done this without the CONA family of “Green Hats.” — Patty

By: Gerry Tebben

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